THC/DUI News from CTI

Drug Policy Task Force Meeting
Sub-committee of Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice

Wed., Sept. 7, 2011
1:30pm - 5:00pm
Colorado Department of Public Safety
710 Kipling, Lakewood, CO
3rd Floor Conference Room
Take elevator to 3rd floor, turn right to the end of the hall to the last
room on the right.

For information, contact:
Germaine Miera, CDPS administrator for DPTF

The Drug Policy Task Force is a sub-committee of the Colorado Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice (CCJJ).

The Marijuana Per Se Workgroup is a sub-committee of the Drug Policy Task Force. The Marijuana Per Se Workgroup had been meeting privately to discuss public policy on THC/DUI laws since June. They will present their findings to the DPTF regarding setting a per se limit for THC/DUI at this public meeting.

The Marijuana Per Se Workgroup will be reportedly be disbanded after this meeting, hopefully resolving the need to try to make them comply with the Open Meetings Laws.

The Marijuana Per Se Workgroup released a summary of the six previous private meetings. The summary and areas of agreement were emailed to CTI on Friday by attorney Sean McAllister, who is a member of both the MJ Per Se Workgroup and the Drug Policy Task Force. We apologize for the delay in posting this report, but CTI still feels that the Workgroup should be
compliant with the Open Meetings Laws and we shouldn't have to post their reports for them. Nonetheless, many thanks to Sean for sending the summary report to us as soon as we requested it from him.

Click here to read the Marijuana Per Se (DUID) Workgroup Summary

Click here to read the Marijuana Per Se (DUID) Workgroup Areas of Agreement

The Workgroup in the end did not get a consensus on whether a per se nanogram limit for THC was appropriate or not. The witnesses that testified to them had conflicting opinions on the science and the research.

The below draft agenda for the Wed. meeting was also provided to us by attorney Sean McAllister on Friday. We apologize for the late notice about this meeting. The agenda is copied below, as this is not posted on the CCJJ website yet. Please check the CCJJ website for a final schedule in case this has changed.

1:30 p.m.: Welcome
- Introductions
- Review of Agenda
- New members
Grayson Robinson

1:40 pm: Public Comment
Grayson Robinson/All

2:00 pm: Prevention Working Group Presentation
- Updates since last meeting
Carmelita Muniz

2:15 pm Structure Working Group Presentation
- Updates since last meeting
- Treatment Funding
- Designer Drugs
- Drug scheme/grid proposal preview
Tom Raynes, Maureen Cain

3:15 pm Break

3:30 pm Marijuana Per Se Working Group Presentation
- Updates since last meeting
- Working group findings
Grayson Robinson, Sean McAllister

4:15 p.m.: Preview October meeting

5:00 p.m.: Adjourn

For information, contact Germaine Miera at

- Provide updates on the work of the Prevention, Structure and Marijuana Per Se Working Groups
- Preview preliminary findings/recommendations from each working group
- Discuss next steps for the October Drug Policy Task Force meeting and possible CCJJ proposals

If you can't come to the meeting, you can send a letter to the DPTF members.

Drug Policy Task Force
Sub-Committee Colorado Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice

Chair/ Law Enforcement / CCJJ
Grayson Robinson, Sheriff, Arapahoe County

Juvenile Justice / CCJJ
Regina Huerter, Executive Director, Denver Crime Prevention & Control

Law Enforcement/CCJJ
Bill Kilpatrick, Chief, Golden Police Department

Mental Health Treatment Providers / CCJJ
Reo Leslie, Colorado School for Family Therapy

Prosecution / CCJJ
Donald Quick, District Attorney, 17th Judicial District

Legislative, CO House / CCJJ
Mark Waller, Representative, 15th District

Legislative, CO Senate
Evie Hudak, Senator, 19th District

Legislative, CO Senate
Pat Steadman, Senator, 31st District

Department of Corrections
Tim Hand, Director, Parole Division

Judicial Branch
Shane Bahr, Coordinator, State Problem Solving Courts

State Board of Parole
John O'Dell, Parole Board Member

Substance Abuse Treatment Providers
Carmelita Muniz, Colorado Association of Alcohol and Drug Service Providers

Behavioral Health Treatment Providers
George DelGrosso, Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council

Behavioral Health
Christine Flavia, Division of Behavioral Health

Dolores Poeppel, Victim Assistance Program, CO State Patrol

Community at Large
Christie Donner, Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition

Tom Raynes, CO District Attorney?s Council

Greg Long, Chief Deputy DA, 2nd JD

Dan Rubenstein, Chief Deputy DA, 21st JD

Mark Hulbert, DA, 5th JD

Law Enforcement
Rod Walker, Deputy Chief of Police, Colorado Springs PD

Colorado Criminal Defense Bar
Maureen Cain, Defense Attorney

Sean McAllister, Defense Attorney

Public Defenders
Brian Connors, Colorado Public Defenders Office

Public Defenders
Kathleen McGuire,Colorado Public Defenders Office

Staff: Christine Adams ( or 303-239-4496)