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Colorado's New Marijuana THC/DUI Laws Teleclass

Colorado's New Marijuana THC/DUI Laws
with Attorney Leonard Frieling

Wed., Aug. 14, 2013

Attorney Leonard Frieling discusses everything you need to know about marijuana (THC) and DUI (Driving Under the Influence) laws. This includes information on Colorado's new 5 ng/mL THC standard.


CTI Exclusive Products

Medical Marijuana Lapel Pin
Click photo for larger image.

Medical Marijuana Lapel Pins
Description: Classy, one of a kind soft enamel pins
Size: 1 inch square

Quantity = 100

Single pins

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Re-Legalize 2012 Stickers
Description: Show your green pride and support for CTI's Legalize 2012 Education Campaign with our durable vinyl stikcers.
Size: 3 inch square.

Quantity 100: $15.00

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Happy Hemp Leis
Description: Make sure you get lei'd today! These hemp leis are made out of plastic, but they sure look real. And they are a conversation piece on how hemp can be used to make plastic.
Size: 40 inches long

Quantity = 12

Single leis

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Cannabis Yields and Dosages by Chris Conrad
Description: Cannabis Yields and Dosage is the authoritative study of the science and legalities of calculating medical marijuana by Chris Conrad. This beautiful, full-color booklet reviews federal research on how to grow and use medical marijuana for chronic health conditions. This is not a how-to or a grow book, it is an analysis of scientific data and the law.

Length: 23 pages

Quantity = 1

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