Cannabis Patient Advocacy Fund

We get phone calls and emails every week from patients that need help. Many patients cannot afford their medicine. Many patients also need legal help. There are still an alarming number of prosecutions in Colorado. The Cannabis Patient Advocacy Fund was designed to help assist these needy patients. Click here to make a donation to CTI. If you indicate Cannabis Patient Advocacy Fund on your donation page, we guarantee that we will use that money to help a needy patient. We will even send you a report on how your money was spent.

Help Protect Patient Privacy!

The confidentiality of the patient registry has been breached by law enforcement. Click here to read the details. The Cannabis Therapy Institute has been at the forefront of uncovering government abuses of the Registry, as well as trying to force the government to treat patients with the respect and dignity they deserve!

Defend the Registry

Help Protect Patient's Medicine!

On January 1, 2014, Medical Marijuana Centers were allowed to convert their medical marijuana into recreational marijuana. However, patients were not compensated or even recognized for their contribution. Read this press release that says why you should "Hug a Patient" if you support recreational marijuana.

Protect Patient Rights!

The Cannabis Therapy Institute has been one of the most active works patient advocacy groups in Colorado. We provide court support, fundraising, and media attention to cases of patients being prosecuted or discriminated against. Below are some of the patient cases we have been involved in.

Become a Patient