For immediate release, Jan. 13, 2010

THC Ministry Blesses State Legislators

{Denver, CO} -- Reverend James Marks of The Hawai'i Cannabis (THC) Ministry will bring a blessing carried across the Pacific Ocean from the paradise of Hawai'i to the General Assembly gathered in the State Capitol Building in Denver on Thursday at the Mile High NORML rally. The blessing and prayer will be for the state legislators, who must debate the fate of Colorado medical cannabis patients. The legislative session starts today. Will patients be allowed to continue to have access to their medicine with dignity and safety, or will new legislation eliminate the majority of patient caregivers and force patients to obtain their medicine once again in shame and fear on the Black Market?

Mile High NORML Cannabis Rally
Thurs., Jan. 14, 2010
11:30am - 2:00pm
Lincoln Park: Across the street from the West Steps of the Capitol Building
The blessing and anointing ceremony will start around 1:30pm.
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Rev. James Marks has come a long way to spread the word of the THC Ministry which believes that "cultivation and enjoyment of cannabis sacrament is a fundamental human right provided by God and protected by the Constitution." The Ministry believes cannabis is the original sacrament of Hebrew, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Shinto, Buddhist, Rasta and more.

The THC Ministry which was founded in Hawai'i in 2000 by Rev. Roger Christie of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. "My father was one of the original 10th Mountain Division ski troopers who trained at Camp Hale and fought the Nazis in the Italian Alps," says Rev. Roger. "He fought for freedom, including the freedom to have access to safe and natural, herbal remedies for people in pain or suffering from serious disease." He continues, "Colorado legislators have an opportunity this session to show their compassion for the suffering citizens of Colorado and their respect for the Constitution that they've sworn an oath to uphold."

Cannabis Anointing Oil

Rev. Marks' blessing of the General Assembly will be followed by a short anointing ceremony. Rev. James will anoint a patient with the THC Ministry's Holy Anointing Oil, which is an integral part of the THC Ministry.

Rev. James describes the importance of the anointing oil. "The word 'Christ' means 'the anointed one'," he says. "The anointing oil they used in Christ's time was made out of cannabis."

Indeed, most historians agree that the anointing oil described in the Bible was made from myrrh, cinnamon, olive oil, and cannabis.

"May the yoke of your bondage be broken by the anointing."

"The anointing oil is powerful medicine, and to be anointed is sometimes a profound experience for people," Rev. James continues.

Rev. James demonstrated the power of the Holy Anointing Oil firsthand this summer at the trial of medical cannabis patient Jason Lauve. Rev. James had just arrived from Hawai'i on Aug. 6 to set up a new THC Ministry in Boulder. Rev. James was only in town for a few hours when found himself outside the Boulder County Justice Center with other cannabis advocates who were anxiously awaiting the jury to return a verdict in Jason's case.

Seeing that Jason was in a need of a blessing, Rev. Marks performed an anointing ceremony with Jason.

THC Ministry Boulder

"May the yoke of your bondage be broken by the anointing!"

Rev. James dripped cannabis oil on Jason's forehead and wrists.

THC Ministry

THC Ministry

THC Ministry

Seconds later, the phone rang with the news the verdict was in.
Rev. James went with Jason and his supporters back into the courtroom to hear the verdict.

The jury acquitted Jason of all charges,
and Jason left the courtroom with his 34 ounces of cannabis medicine in an evidence box.

THC Ministry

It was a historic victory in which Jason's jury voted that a patient could possess
any amount of medicine that the patient thought was medically-necessary.
It was a stunning blow to the prosecution, who had wanted to imprison Jason.

It seemed that the yoke of the bondage of Prohibition in Colorado truly had been broken!

Jason Lauve Trial Celebration

Was it divine intervention that Jason's jurors reached their verdict at the exact moment that Jason was being anointed with the Cannabis anointing oil?

THC Ministry

Events like that inspire men to greatness. The THC Ministry hopes that they can help inspire the General Assembly to greatness so that lawmakers will protect Colorado patients at all cost from overzealous and burdensome restrictions.

"I hope that we can use the power of cannabis as the Tree of Life to open the legislators' eyes to the real plight of patients as sick people who need their medicine," says Rev. James. "The power of cannabis is to heal and bring nations together. We should all pray that God will show us the right way."

Rev. James will be performing individual anointments after the Rally to anyone would wants to take blessings from this wonderful plant.

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