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Sen. Romer Invited to Cannabis Holiday Health Fair

For immediate release, Dec. 8, 2009

Contact: Cannabis Therapy Institute

{Boulder, CO} -- The Cannabis Therapy Institute is concerned about today's news reports that Sen. Romer's proposed bill will make it more difficult for patients to obtain medicine by putting half of their caregivers out of business.

The proposed bill is antagonistic to the patient-centered approach advocated by CTI and ignores the many different business models that are being developed in a patient-driven, compassionate manner.

To help educate lawmakers and the public, the Cannabis Therapy Institute is organizing the Cannabis Holiday Health Fair on Sunday (12/13) at the Holiday Inn of I-25 and 48th Ave. in Denver. The Health Fair is a free public and legislative outreach event designed to highlight many businesses involved in providing responsible medical marijuana services to patients. Sen. Romer, Denver City Councilman Charlie Brown, and all other state legislators and many local ones have been invited to attend this event. Only one legislator (Rep. Paul Weissman) has had the courtesy to reply so far, to say he could not attend.

"We're really disappointed in Senator Romer and all the state lawmakers for refusing to come out and meet with their medical marijuana patient and caregiver constituency," says Timothy Tipton of the Rocky Mountain Caregivers Cooperative, one of the sponsors of the event. "Clearly, Sen. Romer's proposal is not well thought-out. Until Sen. Romer fully understands all the business models out there, there is no way that they can regulate them intelligently."

In Senator Romer's absence, there will be a video camera set up to record short public comments to Sen. Romer and all Colorado legislators, to be posted on YouTube as video testimonials. Since the lawmakers won't come to the public, the public needs to go to their lawmakers. A video is an excellent way to reach a larger audience with real stories from people whose health and safety will be affected by lawmaker decisions.

Cannabis Holiday Health Fair
Sunday, Dec. 13, 2009
10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Holiday Inn Denver-Central
(I-25 and 48th Ave.)

FREE and open to the public

For more info:

Absolutely no cannabis medicine allowed at this event.

Below is the event announcement to the public:

Cannabis Holiday Health Fair
Sunday, Dec. 13, 2009
10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Holiday Inn Denver-Central
(I-25 and 48th Ave.)
FREE and open to the public

The Cannabis Health Fair is an opportunity for the general public and lawmakers to meet the medical cannabis professionals currently working in the Denver area and some of the patients that they serve. Everyone knows someone who has a medical condition that cannabis can help. Learn about cannabis as a safe and effective remedy for nausea caused by chemotherapy, muscle spasms, severe pain and more. There will be displays from medical cannabis dispensaries as well as other hemp and cannabis-related businesses, educational videos seminars, gifts, contests and prizes.

There is absolutely no cannabis medicine allowed at this event.

For more information:

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