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Medical Cannabis Patient and Caregiver Protection Act

Click here to download the draft bill (PDF)
This bill was written by the CTI Medical Cannabis Policy Group
and is not an official Colorado state bill.

Nov. 2, 2009

The Colorado General Assembly is going to take up the issue of clarifying Colorado's Medical Marijuana law this session, which begins Jan. 13, 2010. Sen. Chris Romer (D-Denver) will be the bills main sponsor in the Senate, and Rep. Tom Massey (R-Poncha Springs) is going to be the House sponsor of the bill.

Members of the Cannabis Therapy Institute met with Sen. Chris Romer on Monday (10/26) to discuss the medical marijuana bill. He said he had not drafted anything yet and was just in the information-gathering stage of the process. We provided Sen. Romer with the draft of a bill called the Colorado Medical Cannabis Patient and Caregiver Protection Act. This bill was written by the CTI Medical Cannabis Policy Group and is not an official Colorado state bill. This bill came from ideas in the draft ordinance that CTI released on Oct. 6, 2009.

We were excited to be the first organization to provide a concrete example of how Colorado's medical marijuana law could be clarified to better protect caregivers and patients. We thought it was important to take a proactive approach to the upcoming legislative session by drafting our own legislation instead of waiting for the state to do it. We hope that Senator Romer will adopt some of the provisions of our draft bill. He has promised to work with CTI and others during the drafting process. At the time we met him, he said he had not yet met with law enforcement or any other organizations.

We are actively seeking input on this bill from patients, caregivers and advocates. We will be having a public meeting to discuss the upcoming legislative session in the next week or two. Please send your suggestions and comments on the draft bill as soon as possible to

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