Rogue DEA Agents Arrest Colorado Medical Marijuana Grower

Attorney Rob Corry today released a letter to the Department of Justice accusing the DEA of "waste, fraud, abuse and misconduct" for their continued harassment of medical marijuana caregivers in Colorado.

Click here to read Rob Corry's letter:

The Cannabis Therapy Institute concurs with Corry's assessment of the DEA as a rogue agency. The DEA are agents of the federal government charged with upholding the U.S. Constitution and protecting civil rights. They are in violation of Obama's policy to let state's rights take precedence in medical marijuana cases.

Click here to read the Denver Post Story about the DEA arrest:

Click here to see the 9News/KUSA Investigative Report that lead to the DEA bust:

Cannabis supporters are encouraged to call President Obama and tell him to have the DEA stop harassing medical marijuana patients and caregivers in Colorado.
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