Last Chance to Call House Members

No on 1284 - Form a Commission Instead

The Colorado House of Representatives will take a FINAL VOTE on HB1284 on
Thursday, April 22.

Please call and ask them to vote NO on HB1284.

House Offices: (303) 866-2904

You can watch the House Chambers online. They will take the bill up
sometime in the morning.

There were reportedly over 100 amendments to the bill on 4/20 and many of the worst provisions that were eliminated have found their way back in. The updated bill is currently *not* available on the state's website.

We suggest that the state instead set up a Commission to study the issue to make sure the needs of the patient are foremost in any legislation and to make sure this complicated issue gets addressed properly.

Remember, the medical marijuana program and distribution system in Colorado is 100% legal right now. Everyone has a 100% Constitutional right to do exactly as they are doing right now in Colorado. The state has given *no* justification for eliminating these Constitutional rights, because there have been no significant problems with the new medical marijuana industry.
Dispensary owners are not getting arrested because what they are doing is legal, protected by the Article XVIII Section 14 of the Colorado Constitution. HB1284 would invite armed money-and-medicine-counters into health clinics that are creating no problems for the community right now. Medical marijuana would be regulated stricter than alcohol or narcotics. Every transaction will be video-taped and every gram will be counted by "auditors with guns."

The national group Marijuana Policy Project is asking for good amendments to the bill, but MPP's list of amendments only scratches the surface of the problems with this bill. There are so many bad provisions that it is not possible to save the language. It needs to be scrapped and replaced with a Commission comprised of patients, doctors and caregivers that will recommend a sensible bill next year.

Feel free to use MPP's automated system to send letters to all your officials, in your own words or theirs:

Make sure you call too:
House Offices: (303) 866-2904

Send copies of any letters or reports of phone calls to CTI.

Thanks in advance!.

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