House Bill 1284 Endangers Patients

The House Judiciary committee took public comment on the bill on March 4. However, the bill they debated (version L002) was very different from the bill that had been open for review since Feb. 5 (version L001). Almost none of the audience members got an actual copy of the bill, and it is still not available on state's website as of March 17, a full two weeks after the hearing. So the Committee took testimony on a bill that most people had not seen. Read CTI's open letter to the House Judiciary Committee on how they have so effectively shut patients out of the legislative process.

CTI has obtained a copy of L002 version of the bill from one of the sponsors and posted it on our website. Click here to read it.

House Bill 1284 is a 48-page monstrosity seeks to eliminate 80% of existing dispensaries. HB1284 would:

· Create a " Medical Marijuana Enforcement Investigator" that would be allowed to perform warrantless searches of dispensaries. They would be able to come in and count and weigh a dispensary's cannabis and pore over patient records to make sure the dispensary didn't have "too much." They would be able to do this repeatedly and with no warning and no probable cause to suspect wrongdoing.
· Set up a state medical marijuana licensing board run by the Department of Revenue, not the Department of Health.
· Require 75% of all the cannabis used by the dispensary would have to be grown onsite.
· Require patients to name their dispensary when they get their license, without the opportunity to shop around or change their minds
· Prohibit patients who live near schools from engaging in the use of medical marijuana inside their homes
· Require dispensary owners to pass background checks and submit fingerprints to the FBI.
· Prohibit dispensary owners that have felony drug convictions
· Require caregivers to giver up their 5th Amendment right against self-incrimination.

This bill still has not been voted on by the House Judiciary Committee, so the public still has a chance to contact the committee. There will also be a public hearing on amendments to the bill, but the public will not have an opportunity to testify again until the bill passes the House and is assigned to a Senate Committee

Public Hearing on HB1284
Monday, March 22, 2010
1:30 pm
House Judiciary Committee
Room: Room 0107 (Basement)
State Capitol Building, 200 E. Colfax, Denver, CO
No public comment, just show of support.

Call your local House and Sentate Members and ask them to VOTE NO ON HB1284

House Offices: 1-800-811-7647
Senate Offices: 1-888-473-8136


*NO ON HB1284

(All of these House members voted in favor of SB109. Now they have a chance to redeem themselves and stand up for patients and vote NO on HB1284.)

Rep. Claire Levy (D) - Chairperson, Majority Whip
District 13: Boulder, Clear Creek, Gilpin
Profession: Attorney
Cap: 303-866-2578

Rep. Elizabeth "Beth" McCann (D)
District 8: Denver
Cap: 303-866-2959

Rep. Lois Court (D)
District 6: Arapahoe, Denver
Cap: 303-866-2967

Rep. Bob Gardner (R)

District 21: El Paso
Profession: Attorney
Cap: 303-866-2191

Rep. Daniel Kagan (D)
District 3: Arapahoe
Cap: 303-866-2921

Rep. Steve King (R)
District 54: Delta, Mesa
Profession: Violent Crime Investigator
Cap: 303-866-3068

Rep. Joe Miklosi (D)
District 9: Denver
Cap: 303-866-2910

Rep. B.J. Nikkel (R)
District 49: Larimer, Weld
Cap: 303-866-2907

Rep. Sal Pace (D)
District: 6 Pueblo
Cap: 303-866-2968

Rep. Su Ryden (D)
District 36: Arapahoe
Cap: 303-866-2942

Rep. Mark Waller (R)
District 15: El Paso
Profession: Attorney
Cap: 303-866-5525

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BILL ROOM: (303) 866-3055

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