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Denver City Council Debates Banning Caregivers Please copy and redistribute!


Tell them to vote "NO" CB-607, Medical Marijuana Zoning Changes

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UPDATE: The next hearing on this bill will be late September.


The Denver City Council will vote on CB10-0607, a bill restricting growing of medical marijuana by zoning districts in the city. It would essentially eliminate the ability of a person to be a caregiver and provide cannabis for another person not living in the same house with them.

History: Bill passed first reading on Mon., August 9, 2010. Second and final reading will be sometime in September.

Excerpts from the bill:

The growing of medical marijuana shall comply with the following:
1. No more than 6 plants may be grown for each patient registry identification card holder residing in a dwelling unit, not to exceed 12 plants per dwelling unit.
2. Growing and/or storage of medical marijuana shall occur within a completely enclosed structure.
3. Growing and/or storage of medical marijuana shall not occur in a common area associated with the dwelling unit.
4. Growing shall be for personal use only by patient registry identification card holders residing in the dwelling unit; retail or wholesale sales of goods or products derived from the growing of medical marijuana and any off-site distribution of such plants or derived products are prohibited.

Click here for the full agenda and links to the ordinance.

Tell the City Council to vote "NO" CB-607, Medical Marijuana Zoning Changes and continue to allow safe access for patients and caregivers in Denver.

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