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Three important new laws regarding medical marijuana will be debated in the coming weeks, and it is going to take the dedicated action of all concerned citizens to defeat them. Two will be introduced to the Colorado legislature. One is written by state Senator Chris Romer (D-Denver) and the other was reportedly written by the County Sheriffs of Colorado. The third law is an ordinance proposed by the Denver City Council. You can read them all here:

These three bills represent a coordinated attack on a variety of fronts against a whole class of Colorado citizens and a blatant attempt to undermine Article XVIII, Section 14 of the Colorado Constitution and re-criminalize patients and their caregivers.

A detailed analysis of the state bills is forthcoming, but the Denver ordinance is first of the three to be debated. YOUR ACTION IS NECESSARY TO PREVENT THESE BILLS FROM PASSING. The next few months in Colorado will require grassroots activism on a much higher level than ever before. Please do your part to help protect patient rights.

1) Attend the Denver City Council Public Hearing
Denver City Council
First Reading on Medical Marijuana Regulation Bill
When: Mon., Jan. 4, 2010
Time: Council Meeting starts at 5:30 pm
Where: Council Chambers, Room 450
City & County Building
1437 Bannock Street, Denver, CO
On the west side of the Civic Center Park.
Why: A large public turnout for this meeting is imperative to encourage the City Council to reject this bill and start over.

Mon., Jan. 11, 2010: Will be the second public hearing on the bill, and public comment will be taken.
2) Contact the Denver City Council
Denver City Council Main Office
City & County Bldg.
1437 Bannock St., Rm. 451
Denver, CO 80202

Phone: 720-865-9534
Fax: 720-865-9540

Main Point
The main point we want to get across is for the Denver City Council to vote NO on the proposed Medical Marijuana Ordinance and replace it with a Study Group to study the issue and make recommendations.

Sample Phone Script
First, introduce yourself. If you are a patient, tell the City Council how cannabis has helped you. Then say something like:
"Could you please tell the City Council to vote NO on the Medical Marijuana Ordinance. The ordinance should be rejected in its entirety and replaced by a Study Group, composed of patients, caregivers, law enforcement, and physicians. The Study Group should research reasonable regulations for the City of Denver that will protect patients and allow them safe access to affordable medicine."

Talking points
You can use any of these talking points in your phone calls, emails, postcards or faxes:

1) The restrictions contained in the Denver ordinance will:
· Restrict a patient's Constitutional right to have safe access to their medicine.
· Drive prices up
· Eliminate small businesses: Only well-funded dispensaries will be able to afford to operate.
· Drive smaller businesses back underground into the black market.
· Reduce variety and consistency of medicines by reducing competition
2) No restrictions on density.
The Denver ordinance enacts the restrictive zoning requirements that dispensaries should not be within 1000 feet of each other. Medical cannabis businesses are not all the same, and different businesses serve different needs. To put arbitrary limits on density will force patients to go farther and pay more for their medicine.
3) No restrictions on caregiver traits.
The Denver ordinance would deny a dispensary license to any person who had been convicted of a felony in the last five years. Restrictions on caregiver personal traits are un-Constitutional. There should be no background checks or tests of moral character to be a caregiver. Ninety percent of all Coloradans may be eligible to be part of the Medical Marijuana Registry at some point in their lives. If we discriminate against caregivers based on background, many of the most qualified caregivers will be eliminated, and many eligible patients will be denied the quality of care they are entitled to under the Constitution.
4) No warrantless raids on dispensaries.
The Denver ordinance allows law enforcement to perform compliance checks on dispensaries to determine "that the source and quantity of any marijuana found upon the licensed premises is in full compliance with any applicable state law or regulation." This amounts to unannounced raids on dispensaries at any time, without a warrant or even probable cause to suspect wrongdoing.
5) License fees too expensive.
The Denver ordinance requires a $2000 application fee and $3000 annual registration fee. These fees are outrageous and the costs will be transferred to the patients.
6) Additional licensing unnecessary.
Caregiver businesses already register with the Department of Revenue for a sales tax license. Any additional licensing requirements would force small caregivers out of business, reduce competition, and drive prices for medicine up even more, increasing the burden on patients.
7) No restrictions on proximity to schools, child care centers, etc.
The Denver ordinance requires dispensaries to be at least 1,000 feet away from a school or child care center. There has been no documented evidence of a child purchasing medical marijuana from any dispensary in Colorado. Children are smart enough to know that they can't go in a liquor store or a sex shop, so they should be able to be taught not to go into medical cannabis businesses.

Caregivers Unite to Help Patients
If you are a caregiver, now is the time that you must "do more" for your patients by teaching them to become grassroots lobbyists.
1) Design a Cannabis Action Center in your business dedicated to having patients contact elected officials. The first target will be the Denver City Council. Later, we will start targeting the state legislature.
2) Your Cannabis Action Center at minimum needs to contain a dedicated phone and writing materials.
3) Encourage each of your patients to take a few minutes to call an elected official before they leave your shop. Make sure your dedicated phone is never idle.
4) Most people have never called an elected representative in their life and get nervous. Empower your patients to become grassroots lobbyists and make their first call using the sample script and the talking points included in this Action Alert.
5) Most people get over their nervousness after the first call. You can then encourage these newly-created activist patients to train other people how to make phone calls, further empowering your patient-base.
6) You can also have patients send letters, postcards, faxes and emails.
7) Repost this Action Alert on social networking sites or email to your contact lists. Encourage others to pass it on as well. The only thing that has ever protected the Constitution from overzealous government restrictions has been the vocal opposition of the citizens.
8) Print this free "Another Business for Patient Rights" poster and display it proudly in a prominent location to show your support for patient rights:

Remember to cc: us on any correspondence with legislators:

Even if you are not in Denver, do not think that this will not affect you. Many cities and towns are looking to Denver to see how to regulate medical cannabis. If this passes in Denver, your town may be next!

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