CTI's Current and Past Campaigns and Projects

Legislative Education Campaign

The Cannabis Therapy Institute's Legislative Education Campaign educates state lawmakers on the importance of protecting patient rights.


    • Bill Information: CTI has become the clearinghouse for information and action alertson state and local medical marijuana bills and ordinances.
    • Classes: We offer courses in marijuana cultivation, cannabis therapy, legal issues, business aspects of the industry, and more!
    • Always Buy Colorado Cannabis Campaign
    • Cannabis Health Fair: First opportunity for the industry to network and meet the public. Over 30 exhibitors and 1200 attendees from the public.
    • Cannabis Holiday Health Fair: Over 40 exhibitors and 2,000 attendees.
    • Draft Ordinance: Written for cities and counties as a framework for regulating medical cannabis caregivers.
    • Draft Bill: On Oct. 26, 2009, the Cannabis Therapy Institute presented Senator Chris Romer with the a draft of a bill that could help better protect patients and caregivers. Unfortunately, this model was rejected by the state in favor of a highly-regulated model that treats cannabis more restrictively than any other product in the US>
    • Free public talks: How patients and caregivers can protect themselves, jury rights, advocacy.


We provide patient support through publicity and mobilization of supporters to attend trials and hearings.

Patient Court Support

    • Bob Crouse, Colorado Springs Cancer Patient Prosecuted by El Paso County
    • Frank Marzano: Caregiver whose conviction was overturned and had his property returned.
    • Mark Hoynak: Helped secure the return of his property after his case was settled.
    • Jason Lauve: Publicity and support for the Jason Lauve trial. Jason's attorney, Rob Corry, called CTI's support at Jason's trial critical in securing that huge victory
    • Sherri Versfelt: Helped Sherri get the charges against her dismissed.
    • Nick Polashek: Helped pubicize a benefit for him. Charges were finally dismissed.

Publicity and Media Relations

We make sure the press has all the up-to-date information on cannabis politics in Colorado, and work to correct any inaccuracies in news coverage. Our media list is over 500 reporters and growing!

Future Projects

    • More educational events for the public.
    • Starting a medical legal defense fund and mobilization program to get more support at patient and caregiver trials and hearings.
    • Educating jurors on their duty to vote according to their conscience and their immunity from prosecution.